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Friday, April 01, 2011

Film Friday

It's Friday, Friday, Friday and it is time for to talk about films and entertainment and television and who knows what else pops into my head. So thanks to the computers and Netflix there were a couple of film recommendations for me this week. The first of these was a film called 'Mystery Team'. Which I enjoyed but I am not really sure what about it I found so funny. It is pretty crass and sophomoric in its comedy, which isn't always a bad thing, but I think why I found it funny was because of how much it reminded me of the Encyclopedia Brown books that I used to read as a kid. The picture below is from when the Mystery Team followed a suspect to a gentleman's club and they needed disguises to be able to sneak in.

It made complete sense to me that this is how a grade school-er would think that you needed to dress to go to a club that gentleman go to so that they can be 'entertained'. The main characters in this film are seniors in high school but they are so naive that they think like little kids and that is the joke. I like that they do not go deep into some reason for that. They haven't been traumatized at some point and have been frozen psychologically when the incident happened. They are not mentally disabled in any way. They just think like little kids and are still out solving crimes like they did when they were in grade school. It is just that one day an adult crime gets dropped into their laps. Now, I caution you. If you are bothered by humor related to fecal matter this is probably not the film for you. It is rated R for a reason. I opted to look away a couple of time due to the grossness but I still found the film pretty funny. So I am not saying that you need to carve out some time in your busy schedule to watch this movie but if you have some free time and you are on Netflix. I think you should check it out. You should be amused.

I am going to close with a coming attraction. I loved the first "Hangover" and this looks like more of the same and that is just fine with me.

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