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Thursday, April 28, 2011


I have returned from the coast and in a surprising twist it was a little nicer over there then it was here. While there were a few drops of rain it wasn't until we crossed back into the valley that we got hit by actual rain. Now onto the matter at hand. How was my food at the Tidal Raves?

Well first off the view from the restaurant is truly a good if not great one. I am not how I have never eaten at the place since I basically grew up going to that area as a child on a pretty regular basis.

I had a very tasty cup of clam chowder along with the two piece halibut fish and chips. Now I love chowder and I have to say that the chowder was easily in my top 5 all time chowders. Let me remind you that my top 5 of anything is really a shifting list and at anytime any particular thing could be number 1. So it was very, very good chowder and this is where the problem comes into for me.

I think that I enjoyed the chowder so much that I was unable to really enjoy the fish and chips because it wasn't the chowder. After I finished the chowder and started the fish I almost immediately wished that I had just ordered a bowl of chowder. The fish wasn't bad. But I just wanted more chowder. So I will probably return and just order a bowl of chowder and perhaps a tasty desert because it looked like they might have some good ones.

Now my mother ordered the crab salad and it looked amazing but when she had me try it the crab was really salty. So I am not sure what that was about. I have never had crab salad so I am not sure how it is supposed to taste but it seemed very salty to me and was to salty for her to eat so that was a little disappointing. My father had the same thing I did and he was happy.

Not that it matters because I have seen this man put mayonnaise on top of chocolate cake. Yes you read that right. My brother and I were just stunned. I have been known to eat some goofy concoctions but really dad. Why? Just why?

So, my final opinion of the restaurant. I liked it. I liked the chowder best of all. It had a very nice atmosphere and I could see how it would be a nice place to take a date to. I will be back. I believe that my mother will go back but she will not be ordering the crab salad. My father will eat whatever is thrown in front of him.

So thanks Erin and your blog funny little duck for helping me to discover a new place to eat.
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