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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Web Wednesday

I am just not feeling it much this morning. The creative juices just do not seem to be flowing today. I am not sure what the problem. I have been diligently searching the far corners of the internet to find something to impress you guys with but I have so far been unable to unearth anything that I find worthy of my fan base.

Because, lets face it, I do it for the fans. I know that there are a lot of people who really depend on what I have to say. I know that they look for daily guidance so that they are able to tell their friends what is cool and what all of the hot new trends are. I get it. I realize that I am the coolest cat in the land. It is something that I have had to deal with for years but you know I get through it. I get through it mainly by sheer will power. That and my incredibly large ego.

So here are my three favorite bands right now. You may have heard of them you may not have. But enjoy the smooth, smooth sounds and sweet jazz stylings...

Now normally I find it he height of pretentiousness when an artist records themselves with an orchestra but this really works for Ben Folds. I suppose it is is just style of music. I think that the inherent sadness in his music just fits with the sound of the orchestra.

I just love this older Decemberists song. I think it is because I did Model United Nations so it really makes me laugh. But I also really enjoy the musical craftsmanship of it. It is rare for me to not enjoy one of their songs in one way or the other.

So many White Stripes songs to choose from. This is one that I just always get a kick out of. It is played in what I believe is the saddest key of all. The plaintive note in Mr Whites voice tells us of his need for a friend and how important it is for all of us to have friends in life.

Take a moment today and thank your friends. Or make some new ones.
Aw...hell here is one more

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