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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Top 10 Tuesday

So today is Tuesday and I thought, what a great day to do some top 10 lists. So I started looking around at some different lists. But then I thought I do not care what other peoples top 10 lists consist of. I rarely agree with them and we all know that when it comes down to what other people think about the top movies or music or books or top anything I only really care about what I think anyway. Oh sure I will listen politely I may even nod now and then or perhaps make a telling and poignant observation but I won't be listening. I will just be thinking about why your list is wrong and wondering why is it that I am the only one who seems to understand the intricate nuances of 'Gilligan's Island'.

So that being said. Here are "Lance's Top 10 Syndicated Show that he watched during his formative years." Which may or may not explain a little bit about why I am a freak.

1: 'Gilligan's Island'

It should have been called "Ginger's Island"

2: 'Bewitched'

Oh Samantha!! She also loved coffee.

4: 'I Dream of Genie"

Barbara Eden was really a pretty women I thought.

5: 'Wonder Woman'

The original Wonder Woman. She will never be replaced. She is iconic and glorious. I also just realized that she looks like several ladies that I know...

6: 'Buck Rogers'

Col Wilma Deering several of my friends liked Princess Ardala but she was always a little too trampy for me.

7: 'Brady Bunch'

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!!!

8: 'Big Valley'

Linda Evans was another beautiful blond lady.

9: 'Dick Van Dyke Show'

I think I am seeing some sort of a theme here. hmmmm

10: "Three's Company"

I think at my core I have always just really, really wanted to be Jack Tripper. If I am right in that revelation then that explains so much to me right now. I think I may have just blown my mind.
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