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Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11th 2011 Music Monday

It is Music Monday lets get this party started. So lets get it going with a few tasty historical tidbits and then we will take a look at the charts as well.

1970-Paul McCartney announced a "temporary break with the Beatles". Peter Green announces that he will be leaving Fleetwood Mac.
1981-Eddie VanHalen marries Valerie Bertinelli. Also known as the day that VanHalen died as a band.
1983-R.E.M. releases their first album 'Murmur'.
1988-Cher wins Best Actress Oscar for 'Moonstruck'.
1990-Elton John plays at Ryan Whites funeral.
1994-Seattle,WA, coroner rules Kurt Cobain's death a suicide.
2000-No Doubt releases 'Return to Saturn'
2002-Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson get engaged.

And now off to the charts which in some ways is my favorite part of the blog. It is a little trip down memory lane and sometimes lets me find and remember some good artists that I had either forgotten about or had not even heard of. Lets look at number 1 singles.

1969- No. 1 Single Tommy Roe-'Dizzy' I thought this was interesting a song that I recognized once it began to play but I did not remember the title. It is pretty derivative of this era of music I think.

1979-No.1 Single Gloria Gaynor-'I Will Survive' I am not a big disco fan at all. But, this is a classic of the disco era and I can appreciate it for the power of Gloria's vocals.

1989-No. 1 Single Roxette-'The Look' This is a song that I think I may have heard just a little to often because I could not bring myself to really listen to the whole thing. It just does not work for me at all. But it is pretty typical of the late 80's.

1999-No. 1 Single TLC -'No Scrubs' Again this is not my favorite type of music but I kind of enjoy this song. I am not sure what I find enjoyable about it but I think the beat is catchy and it does touch on a real problem in society. That of gangs of young men driving around and yelling at ladies on the street. No Scrubs!! Lets keep it clean fellas.

2009-No. 1 Single Lady GaGa-'Poker Face' I had not realized that it has been two years since Lady GaGa burst onto the scene. While I enjoy this song, I really think that Lady GaGa is patently overrated. The majority of what she does is a pretty direct rip off of things that Madonna has done before. Now that isn't necessarily a bad thing because Madonna, early Madonna, was an amazingly talented artist. But lets be honest about it. Why act like she is some groundbreaking artist? She isn't. She is talented but come on. It isn't like she is doing anything new.

2010- No. 1 Single Rihanna-'Rude Boy' I really like this songs delicate and nuanced examination of love between a lady and a gentleman. The subtle nature of the discussion makes it possible to almost miss what Miss Rihanna is singing about but if you listen real close then I am sure that you can see the hidden meaning behind the music.

2011-No. 1 Single Katy Perry-'E.T.' ft. Kanye West. This song just works for me. The chorus and the bridge I always find myself just kind of toe tapping along. The video I do not think is anything special and I do not that Katy Perry is doing anything groundbreaking in her music. But I enjoy her music.

Well that is the countdown for this week. But after all of the dance tracks I really feel like I should let you guys do some pallet cleansing. So without further adieu I am going to leave you with this little gem.

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