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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Music finds

I really like music. Some good and some bad but I just enjoy it. So I thought I would throw up some videos for some songs that I feel a little guilty about enjoying. The guilt comes for various reasons and from various sources. I believe these are all nearly safe for work.

Interesting tidbit that the female singing is Katy Perry. I really do think that she has a decent voice amongst her other qualities.

I like this song for multiple reasons. I like her voice and I like the melody of the song as well. Christina Aguilera can really sing but wow this is a dirty, dirty song. I love it!! :)

The video is from the movie Burlesque but the song is being song by Megan Mullally from 'Will and Grace' she played Karen. I had know idea she could sing like this. That is also Kristen Bell in the video who is dancing. Though she can also sing as evidenced by my next guilty pleasure

AAAAAAAAGH!!! There are very few things that I hate more then not being able to embed a video that I want to embed. I know that I take some things for granted about the internet but being able to embed a video whenever and wherever I want to should be a basic right for all Americans!!! WHO IS WITH ME!!!!? I need to calm myself down. There it is. This should do the trick.

That is your moment of Zen. Be fully in it.
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