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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Somber Sunday

Sundays have been a little odd for me lately. I try to not do much on weekends as it is but Sundays have been kind of sad. I am not sure if it is the weather or if it is something that is going on with me. I actually enjoyed the rain last Sunday and ended up going for a drive out to St Paul but really that was only because I went north on the road just outside the neighborhood and it took me there.

Today I just felt crappy all day and ended up the afternoon and early evening with a small migraine. What that really means for me is that I may not sleep much tonight since I did for a few hours this afternoon. On the plus side I could spend most of the night watching "Deadwood" and I could think of far worse ways to be up all night if I have to be.

One thing that I do find fascinating when I re-watch a television show after a break of several years. Is that I notice the actors that I haven't noticed before usually because they have gone on to do other things. In the case of "Deadwood" I just noticed that Kristen Bell of the television show "Veronica Mars" and the film "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" had a small role as a young "naive" prostitute in a couple of episodes of the first season of "Deadwood". I think that for me in changes some of the nuances of the characters when the actors are ones that I recognize and whose work I enjoy. Since we are on the subject of "Deadwood" I have to say that the actor whose work I enjoy the most in it is Timothy Olyphant.

I just love his work in this as well as his work now in "Justified". In some ways I think that his character in "Justified" is a modern day version of Seth Bullock in "Deadwood". This character archetype is one that Olyphant does extremely well. I am just sad that "Deadwood" ended prematurely but at least it ended well as opposed to numerous other television shows I have enjoyed.

See you next week. It is possible that Sunday may constitute a day of writing about entertainment.
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