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Monday, March 15, 2010

3-15-2010 (Monday)

I had a very good weekend. I went up to Seattle on Saturday to the Emerald City Comicon and it was great fun. My friend Travis and I drove up in my new car and that was a nice road trip. It was a short one the drive takes for me four hours and from Portland three hours so it is not a long drive but it is a nice way to put some highway miles on the new car.

There was a lot of people there. I really have no idea how many but we got there at ten o'clock and the place was already packed. I think the most interesting aspect for me was the different celebrities from the comic book world as well as the film and television world that were there. The biggest name as far as the comicon was concerned was Stan Lee but also Leonard Nimoy was there along with Lou Ferrigno as well as Erin Gray from "Buck Rogers' and a few others. But what had me the most excited was that several of the creators of my favorite webcomics were going to be there. It really seemed like almost all of the big names were going to be there.

Now, I realize that a comicon is a busy time and it is hard for these guys to have to deal with so many drooling fan boys. I also realize that the fan boys seem to come in two separate camps. There is the "Oh My God!! I love your work and it is the best thing ever it changed my life camp." followed closely by the "Worst Comic Ever!" *sniff* crowd. I tend to be a little bit in the middle of both camps. I really have no desire to wait in line to meet someone unless perhaps they are going to sign something that I will keep or sell. I doubt that I have anything clever enough to say that will make them take notice of me amongst all of the other fans there. But if there is no line and I am going to purchase something because I want to support there work I am more then willing to say hello to them and to thank them for the work that I have enjoyed.

The responses of the artists at the comicon were interesting. Travis and I stopped by Kurt Busiek's table. He was there with his wife and daughter kind of against the back wall of the room. He was super nice. He signed Travis's books and chatted with us and answered some questions just really a nice guy. Later on Travis and I stumbled upon the writer of The Mice Templar series Bryan J. L. Glass and the artist Michael Avon Oeming. This is a series I enjoyed on the web but I did not know that is was out in print so I was pretty excited to see it and them there. Well both men signed my hard copy graphic novel and were very nice. Bryan Glass told us about some upcoming plans for the series and when the next set were due to be released and it was a very nice chat with the both of them. The a little bit later I went over to the webcomic area where a lot of the creators were gathered and the creator of Sam and Fuzzy was there Sam Logan. He was also very friendly and nice to chat with as I purchased a print from him.

I was feeling pretty good at that point and I decided to head over to the PvP table and buy something else from the guy I was most excited to see, Scott Kurtz. I had earlier picked up a stuffed Skull the Troll doll from him and now wanted to get a print from him that he had done for the comicon. Well I do not know what happened but as I realized as I purchased the print and waited for him to sign it. He did not seem to care for me. It felt like his whole manner changed to the point that even Travis noticed it. I realize that it can get pretty crazy and people can be annoying but I have never had that kind of response. I mean as far as I know people tend to like me. So it was a odd experience for me. I am just going to chalk it up to stress and things like that for now. Since I have really no other way to respond to it.

One last special mention goes to Andy Runton the creator of "Owly". He did a sketch for Travis as well as several other people and just was a super nice guy. I wish I would have purchased something from him but I felt like one stuffed animal was enough.

Overall though it was a great trip. I look forward to returning to it next year.
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