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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

3-30-2010 (Tuesday)

Tuesday morning and we are back at it. It looks like the rain has slowed down a little today and my drive to work was a little more relaxed. I heard some very interesting stories on the radio this morning.

The first was about a new coffee maker or coffee making machine being built in Seattle called Slayer and according to the report and what looks like info on their website it sells for a cool 18K. Yes you read that right. It cost $18 thousand. I really have no idea why it costs so much. I know of one person in my circle of friends who I think may have tried it. The only reason I think that is because he loves coffee and has tried lots of different kinds. So, I will see if I can prevail on him to join us in the comment section and let us know what or if the machine is worth the money.

The second thing that I heard was about cigarettes and Menthol. It seems that at some point either during the Obama administration or during the end of the Bush administration I do not recall the date. The federal government banned clove cigarettes. Now I know that some of my readers were alive when those were popular in the Salem area at least and I know of one or maybe two of you that actively smoked them. I remember that the kids that smoked cloves were always a little different then the rest of us. A little bit cooler and interested in different books and music then the rest of the herd. Well the ban on cloves came and went with out much of a stir. But, the attempted ban on Menthol cigarettes has not been so easy. One reason being that the market share of menthols is far greater then that of cloves. I do not smoke cigarettes any more and even when I did I would say I was not at all a regular smoker. I smoked an English brand called Export A. Well I was mistaken. It seems that the Export brand is actually made by a Japanese company and sold in Canada. Wow, who knew? But, I did smoke those for a little while but now I just smoke my pipe and even that I do not do very often. But, I love a good cup of coffee and a bowl of Vanilla Cavendish along with a book. But, I have not been able to partake of that lately. I may have to remedy that this evening I think.

That is all I really have today. I just found those stories interesting and I hope you did as well and maybe it will make you look up more information on them yourselves. I also am interested in seeing what type of advertising this blog post causes. I know my one about car insurance and health insurance caused car ads. I am wondering if this will cause coffee ads or perhaps some form of tobacco ad. We shall see.
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