Where Do My Readers Come From?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

3-25-2010 (Thursday)

I really do not have much today. I listened to NPR on the drive up this morning and I didn't hear anything that really got me fired up. I am sure, much like, that bumper sticker I saw a few years ago. "If you are not outraged. Then, you are not paying attention." I should probably be all fired up and foaming at the mouth about something.

But, I am feeling pretty mellow today. Maybe all of my effort to be zen like is starting to pay off. I am sure that will fade the next time I hear about a new Oliver Stone movie or some other stupid thing that Hollywood has done. But as of right now at this moment. I am feeling pretty mellow about stuff.

So have a good day folks and lets do all we can to maintain our calm.
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