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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

3-16-2010 (Tuesday)

Well I have heard the stories but I never believed it was true. I just didn't see how someone could do it. It seemed to dangerous and almost foolhardy. I mean sure I have done some dangerous things over the years. There are people who will even tell you that I have done some foolish things. But, that isn't really the issue here.

Today as I was driving into Beaverton to go to work. I noticed a woman in front of me in a BMW. She was driving...I will use the word erratically and I thought what is going on. Then as I got closer to her. I realized that she was literally putting on makeup using her rear view mirror to do so. I have seen people on the freeway do this. But I have never seen anyone going through town in traffic doing it. Then to top it all off. She goes through a red light! I am glad I was paying attention or I might have followed her right through it.

In other news...I had coffee with my good friend Jennifer last night. I have known Jennifer since just after high school kind of. She was in the high school group at the church I attended when I was a senior but I didn't really interact with her until after high school and some time beyond that. But since then and over the years we have become pretty good friends. She is married now and has three kids and we still stay in contact when we can. But what I find interesting about spending time with her is that she has the ability to cut through whatever wall I am putting up emotionally. There have been times where I opted to not talk to her for very long on a particular day because I knew she would make me cry.

I love talking to her. But she has always affected me this way. It isn't that she is mean. Because she is probably one of the nicest people that I know. I have no idea what it is. She just cuts straight through all of my defenses and what seems like a really innocent question just kicks open the flood gates. So, that being sad it was just a good conversation and a good experience. I would recommend talking to her or having coffee at the Ike Box to anyone. It is a very nice place comfortable inside and the coffee is tasty.

That is all for today folks. I hope you all have a good day. I will see you tomorrow.
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