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Monday, March 08, 2010

3-8-2010 (Monday)

Happy Monday folks. I hope we all had a good weekend. My weekend was pretty good. Well let me rephrase that. On Friday night my right eye was feeling itchy and felt like something was under the eye lid. But when I looked at it I could not find anything. But I spent Friday night and all of Saturday with my eye weeping and my nose running. It was an unpleasant experience to say the least. But, when I woke up Sunday morning everything was fine. I am not sure what was going on. I think I caught a little cold.

That was really about it. I did my best to have a pretty relaxing weekend overall. I really did not hear anything that I think I need to share with you folks today. I did see that 'The Hurt Locker' won the Oscar for best picture as its director won for best director so I am very happy about that screw you 'Avatar'. SCREW YOU!!
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