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Thursday, March 18, 2010

3-18-2010 (Thursday)

Well it is Thursday morning and I hope people survived yesterday's festivities. I did not celebrate at all. I went home from work and took care of the ferrets and then watched a new show starring Timothy Olyphant called 'Justified'. To put it as simply as possible after seeing 'Deadwood' I am willing to give almost anything a chance that has him in it. The show did not disappoint at all for me.

The action was well done and the humor was nice and did not seem forced. The drama was not to much of a drag on it. I also felt that the supporting cast was well chosen. It is going to be interesting to see how they develop the characters as the season moves along. There must have been lots of people interested in seeing it as well as it was the FX networks second highest premiere ever. Only 'The Shield' scoring higher. Now I realize that having a lot of people watching something does not make it good. But I really did enjoy it.

Though I do have one complaint. The show is taken from some Elmore Leonard novels and that is who the main character is. In fact some of the dialogue is taken straight out of one of the stories. But there was one sequence that, for me, reminded me a little to much of 'Get Shorty'. It reminded me of it because it is almost the exact same scene! The biggest difference being that Timothy Olyphant is a far better actor then John Travolta ever was. I also think the fault may lie more with Elmore Leonard then with the director of the show. Also I tend to notice stuff like that.

So if you have FX and you get a chance to catch on a rerun I urge you to give it a try. If you like crime dramas you will surely enjoy this one.
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