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Thursday, March 04, 2010

3-4-2010 (Thursday)

Good morning folks. Today is March fourth or as some people refer to it March Forth. I think is kind of an interesting way to look at it. Using the calender to make today a day for stepping forward and doing things I would assume differently because why else would you want to feel this way. If you feel like things are going well and nothing needs to change then I doubt you are going to care one way or the other but maybe if things have seemed a little off then calling it March Forth maybe just what you need to start things fresh.

I am kind of on the fence myself. I realize that this has been a pretty crappy six months and I could use that as an excuse to make this day mean more then a normal day. But as far as the last week or so things are looking pretty good. Things at work are cranking along and there seems to be a future so that is good.

Other then that I got nothing today folks. My head is not really in it. But hopefully tomorrow the wisdom will flow forth like wine. We shall see.
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