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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

3-31-2010 (Wednesday)

I have dubbed today as Free Writing Wednesday. I am going to write for as long as possible and only going to be writing what pops into my head. I am not sure if this makes it any different then any other day except that I have given it a name.

And begin....I am not sure what to write about. I am really only thinking that know I need to write whatever pops into my head and so that is what is circling around in there. I hope I do not bore my usual readers with this exercise but I need to work on just writing down the thoughts as they pop into my head. I had dinner with my mother and father last night and that was pretty interesting. My mom had been going through some old cards and some stuff in the garage and she found a card from my Dad's mother. Who has died now. She found a card that Grandma had sent them when I was born. What was funny was when she opened it she found a $5 bill from 1963 inside of the card. They must have just put it back in and tucked it away. What I find even more interesting is that the card stayed with my parents after I was born until 2010. I was born in 1969 and soon after I was born I believe I was 2 my parents decided to become missionary school teachers and they were sent to Indonesia or more specifically, as I understand it, Papua, New Guinea. We lived there for about 2 years and then returned to the states. We also had lived in Pendleton, Oregon for awhile.

So it kind of blows my mind that my mother was able to keep this card for so long. I am not one for saving money but I think I may tuck this $5 bill away for awhile since it is the oldest money I own. That is all for today. I also want to add a quick thank you to Steve for his information about coffee machines on yesterdays post. Please check it out in the comments it is pretty interesting. Thanks Steve.
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