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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bruce Springsteen

I must be honest and very clear about this, I have never been a big fan or honestly really a fan of any kind of Bruce Springsteen. Now, I suppose that is a great musical failing on my part. I am totally willing to take ownership of that. But, in my defense, I tend to listen to music on such an emotional level that if it doesn't click with me then I sometimes close it down completely. I do not say that to defend myself or claim it as a good thing. It is just the reality of how I listen to music, or enjoy film and other things.

But! As a fan of blue grass and that style of music in general I am a little mad at myself that I just found this amazing album. What is even more upsetting to me is that I was introduced to it while reading the latest Rolling Stone and the album was mentioned as one that inspired Marcus Mumford (lead of Mumford & Sons) when he was a youngster. The album is called Bruce Springsteen with the Sessions Band - Live In Dublin. It came out in 2007 and I had never heard of it. I am listening to it now and I am loving it. I am almost unable to put into words how much I am enjoying this. So, you guys are going to get some video clips of this concert if I can find them and if not then I will highly recommend you purchase this or at the very least use Spotify to give this whole album a really good listen.

Oh Mary Don't You Weep - I just can't. So good. I am in the Broadway Coffee Shop right now and I wish that I could remove the headphones and let everyone else experience the amazingness of this. In my my brain I am watch the whole place erupt into swing dancing. It is all so very exciting. There is also a New Orleans big band style to this song as well. Which is something that I never complain about.

Erie Canal - So good. Such a classic song. I am kicking myself for not finding this sooner. It is such a great performance and one that I am sure I am going to be listening to again and again. "You'll always know you neighbor, and you'll always know your pal."

If I Should Fall - I am just being blown away. So much fun and goodness in these performances.  I hope you are enjoying them as much as I am.

I am going to stop writing and post this now. Because I could spend the next couple of hours just writing and posting videos but I want people to check this out. 
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