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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Beguiled

The 70's were a different time in the world. I know that sounds funny. But what I mean is that there are things that were kind of taken for granted in the world of film and music that would not happen today. Thanks to Netflix I stumbled across one of those gems this weekend. Now, I am not advocating this as a masterpiece of film making by any means. It is an interesting film and an interesting story. But, it feels to me like it was one of those things that sounded better in the pitch meeting or on paper then it translated to on film. It was in fact based on a 1966 novel written by Thomas P. Cullinan, originally titled A Painted Devil.

As I understand it, there is not much difference between the book and the film though there was some argument about the ending of the film vs the book and I believe that the final ending version of the film is closer to the book. One of the biggest problems with the film was that it was pretty poorly marketed and it was not a film role that the typical Clint Eastwood fan was going to buy into. In the poster up above Eastwood is holding a gun. But in the film he never wields one. But as far as strangeness goes there is one moment that stands out for me.

I am just going to leave that there and let your outrage run it's course. 
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