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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Random Music Thursday

Are you ready to rock?

Out On The Town - Fun - I like this band. I do not feel like they put on a very good live show. But as far as this album goes and I do not know much of their earlier stuff, I like it. But after hearing them perform live on several different things I was pretty disappointed with their lead singers abilities. I think he owes a fair amount of what he does to auto-tune and that is unfortunate. But, it is a good album and nice to listen too.

Champagne Supernova - Oasis - I hate this band and this song must be coming off of a soundtrack or something. I am not even going to look. I think the the Gallagher brothers are overrated and I am so glad that their moment in the sun is gone. WASTE OF TIME.

Farewell To Earnest - Darjeeling Limited Soundtrack - This is a nice track from an interesting film. I think what I like best about the films by Wes Anderson are the soundtracks. They never fail to entertain.

Dust Bowl Dance - Mumford and Sons - This is a band that I like a lot. I was surprised at how much I liked them and when I saw them in concert that feeling did not change one bit. They are just a solid and fun band and their sound grows on you. This song is off of their first album and their second album is just as good. I highly recommend seeing them live if you get a chance.

Strange Days - The Doors - This is a great, great song. I really like everything by the Doors even if Jim Morrison was a big fat drunk. The band itself was really solid and the sound they put out without a bass player was really impressive.

Catch you later cats. 
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