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Thursday, March 28, 2013

In Praise of....

the heavy metal ballad or power ballad. There was a time back in the 80's basically and perhaps for a little bit in the early 90's when some of the heavy metal acts were the biggest bands in the land. These bands shared a responsibility to not only rock your faces off but to also tenderize your hearts with the sweetest of love ballads. Why don't we climb back inside the old mystery machine and give a few of these a listen. You may not be better off afterwards but you will probably enjoy the experience just a little bit. (I hope).

These are in no particular order. But they are the ones I enjoyed the most. 

Love Hurts - Nazareth - This is arguably one of the first of the power ballads. It came out in 1976 and you can feel the pain of unrequited love from it. So emotional and dripping with teenage angst. 

Beth - Kiss - One of my favorite power ballads of all time. So good. So over the top. 

Home Sweet Home - Motley Crue - One of the great ones and probably my favorite Motley Crue song. Which probably says something about the kind of music that I emotionally connect to. But I am not ashamed. Not one bit. 

Close My Eyes Forever - Ozzy and Lita Ford - Ahhh such a lovely duet and almost guaranteed to get you to 2nd base with that sweet chick you made the mix tape for. 

Don't Close Your Eyes - Kix - Does anybody remember Kix? 

Catch you later folks. 

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