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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Random Music Tuesday

Happy rainy Tuesday folks. Lets get to the tunes, shall we?

Forever - Supertramp - I like this band but I am not in the mood for this kind of music today. Wow, it almost sounds like a song by the "Honeydrippers" which is interesting but at the same time this song does absolutely nothing for me. Wow. I hope song number 2 is a little more to my liking.

Do Your Thing - Charles Wright - Aaaah yes, the 'Boogie Nights' soundtrack. Such a good movie and such a good soundtrack. The funk of this song is soooo good. The thump and dirty growl of the base is totally right on. "In the jungle, baby"

Am I Not Merciful - Hans Zimmer - This too is a good soundtrack to a film that I thoroughly enjoy. It is a far different kind of soundtrack then the previous one but one that I still enjoy listening too. There is a majesty to this piece that I really, really enjoy.

Cherish - Madonna - Classic, classic Madonna. Say what you want about her personal life and her attempts at acting but this lady can craft an excellent pop song. So good, this is just upbeat and the chorus is toe tappin good. What more can you ask for in a pop song?

Toy Heart - Bill Monroe - Ricky Skaggs tribute - Classic solid bluegrass.

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