Where Do My Readers Come From?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dr Kat Wednesday

"So last week one of Dr Kat's readers asked "why do men have nipples?" Dr Kat does not know nor does Dr Kat care why men have nipples. That question sounds like the kind of question a pervert would ask. If you are a pervert you are more then welcome to visit Dr Ferret. But, Dr Ferret has not been in the office since that trip to Las Vegas. Though he does keep checking his voice messages. Not, that Dr Kat cares. If you ask Dr Kat there is no point in even saving any office space for Dr Ferret. It isn't like Dr Ferret ever does any actual work when he is in office."

"Ummmm, perhaps he is in trouble and needs our assistance, Dr Kat!!"

"Shut up Lionel!! Dr Kat not pay you for advice!! Dr Kat let you be intern so you can bring Dr Kat coffee!! Dr Kat not even particularly like you."

"Now leave Dr Kat alone. Dr Kat need to think."
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