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Friday, June 03, 2011

Film Friday

So I went to see "The Hangover II" this week. Now for me it was not really a choice. I love Zach Galifianakis and I really enjoyed the first film. That being said I am not sure that I will be on board for the third. But I am not here to talk about the problems with sequels. I have rattled on about that before.

I wanted to talk about the music in the movie. I am always amazed when I see a film and the music that they chose for it is so effective. I do not know if I am just more affected by it then others but most of the time I just love a good music montage. I know most people feel like it is lazy directing to use one but there are times that it can work so effectively and often with songs that you wouldn't think would even work in the movie that they are being used in. I am also a big fan of music parody as well. That is if they are done intelligently with some cleverness. But in films when the music is correctly tied with the scene it can be breathtaking and tear jerking. Here are some of my favorites in no particular order of preference.

I love when this cuts into the slow motion. One of the few films that I actually like Gwenneth Paltrow in.

This just makes me hurt. I really think Wes Anderson is a genius when it comes to his use of music in film. "The Royal Tenenbaums is amazing because of that.

Back before Jack Black became a caricature of himself. I love "High Fidelity"

The visuals are just amazing in this one. The movie goes on a little long but there are some amazing scenes in it.

Amazing, amazing scene. Not much I can say about how effective this is.

So many great scenes set to music in "Almost Famous". I think this maybe Camron Crowes best film.

This scene makes me want to love Kate Hudson. It just works.

There are many, many scenes that I could have shown you. I may have to do this again. You guys have a good weekend and see a movie.
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