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Monday, June 06, 2011

Music Monday (Bluegrass)

I pretty much like all kinds of music. I am able to find something that I enjoy out of most styles and one of the styles that I get a real kick out of listening to is Bluegrass. Most people consider Bluegrass to be a sub-genre of country music and I suppose if you have to categorize it that is as good of a category as any. I was first introduced to this kind if music in the film "O Brother. Where Art Thou?". This is a great film and the music is great as well. (That is a story for a Friday.) Also there have popped up some Bluegrass style covers of some popular songs so I thought I would highlight some of those today as well as some traditional Bluegrass. I hope you have a good Music Monday.

Lets get things started with some traditional Bluegrass.

A lot of the early Bluegrass songs are very spiritual in nature. I find that very interesting as well. Because I would much prefer listening to this older style of "christian" music then today's contemporary Christian music.

The Johnson Mountain Boys telling you to get down on your knees and pray. Lest you think that the songs are all religious here is a song about that good ole mountain dew. It may not have the same taste as the "Mt Dew" that I had as a child.

Let us move this journey into the realm of some more progressive bluegrass. Progressive bluegrass expands the sonic palette of bluegrass either by adding elements of jazz, folk, country, and rock, or by amplifying the instruments. Much to the chagrin of many of the traditionalists. But I really enjoy some of it.

I like Alison Krauss and her version of "Every Time You Say Goodbye"

"Keep on the Sunny Side" was in "Oh Brother Where Art Thou". It is truly one of my favorite songs. I just really enjoy it. I do not think of it a really any more progressive then anything else. This next one is for sure a little more progressive. It might be almost too progressive for me.

It seems that even the progressive Bluegrass artists like to throw out some gospel tunes as well.

I do not know how you could not tap your toe to this kind of music. I am dancing in my chair right now. Well as it is this is going to take awhile for some people to load so lets wrap this up with some Bluegrass covers that I find amusing.

This is the best of both worlds for me. Back when Gun N' Roses was the best band in the world and Bluegrassin it up. I really need some of that good ol' mt dew to drink along with this.

Who doesn't like kissing a girl. Happy Monday everybody.
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