Where Do My Readers Come From?

Thursday, June 09, 2011


Not a bad Thursday morning. The sun is out and I am listening to my piano mix on my music player. I have it filled with Elton John, Billy Joel and Ben Folds and sometimes Ben Folds and his Five. What I like to call the Holy Trinity of the Piano. I would totally go see that concert.

I had a tasty breakfast but I was missing bacon. I love bacon but I never think to actually buy it when I am at the store. So I am usually in a state of constant bacon missing. The only time I get it is when I go out to breakfast and that has not been very often lately. That will probably be the first thing I do when I get a job. I will treat myself to a nice big breakfast with bacon.

Speaking of getting a job. I have an application in with the State of Oregon for a Social Media Coordinator 1 position. The job listing asked questions about my knowledge of Dreamweaver, blogging, Twitter and Facebook. These are all things that I am familiar with. I have taken a few web design classes and Dreamweaver is a primary tool for that. As for the others I blog and use Facebook everyday and I read Twitter but I do not tweet much. So fingers crossed. This is the first time in a long time that I have seen a job posting that my qualifications actually matched up with.

I had an interesting conversation yesterday with two very, very, smart ladies that I know about art vs cheesecake or (when does female empowerment just become so much more titillation?) I hope to write more on that at a later date because there responses were very interesting to me and I felt like it was a little eye opening for me. One of my questions that I didn't get to ask was does it matter if the website of the photographer is run by a women? Are women exempt from objectifying other women or should everyone be held to the same standard does that even matter and if someone wants to shake their tail feather all over the internets should we even care?

That is about it for today. Just some random thoughts ping-ponging around inside the old bean.
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