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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Dr Kat

Well, it looks like Lance has finally settled down for the night. I had the hardest time getting him to take his medicine. He doesn't seem to believe in the science that I Dr Kat represents. He keeps saying that psychiatry is so much twaddle and only followed by ninnies. Those are my words not his I am sure you all realize that he just does not have the vocabulary to speak with any kind of intelligence on this subject. Oh he likes to pretend that he does but we all know that when uses these fancy words he is spending most of his time looking them up in the dictionary. It is a wonder that his blog is not written in finger paints.

I really appreciate you people reading his blog it makes Lance think that he is having some kind of impact in the world. But, lets face it we are dealing with an obviously deeply disturbed individual with a tenuous grasp on reality at best. But I really do not want to limit my wisdom and insights to just Lance. It is obvious to me from my conversations with him that most of his friends need almost as much help as he does. I do not know what the problem is with you people but you really need to get yourselves together.

But, never fear Dr Kat is here to fix all of you. All I need you to do is lie back on my couch and tell me what is bothering you. I have some inkblots you could look at and then perhaps we could do a little free association. You all seem to think that the world revolves around you so I am sure just having someone who at least feigns interest while you prattle on is going to make you think that your problems are all solved.

Oh...uhuh...I see....How does that make you feel? Well that is all Dr Kat has time for for today. Oh I know. Yes it was probably very life changing. I will see you next week for some hypno-therapy. It is best if you wear some loose comfortable clothing.

It is also best if you do not question the methods of Dr Kat.

Any ladies that would like to schedule an appointment for sometime on Dr Kat's therapy couch feel free to email Dr Kat at drkat.therapist@gmail.com
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