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Friday, June 24, 2011

Film Friday

I did not see any movies this week. I was otherwise occupied. I apologize for this.

So instead I give you this article from 2009 about the film SLC PUNKS.

I just watched SLC Punk I had forgotten what an interesting movie that it is. If you like punk music the soundtrack alone is worth listening to. But that really is not the most interesting aspect of the movie. It is really an existential exploration of what the punk movement meant to people in the 1980's. Or more accurately what punk meant to one man.

I would put it into the same category as Fight Club because it really is asking what a person is supposed to do as they move from childhood to adolescence to adulthood. It is really a question of how do you stay authentic within a scene like that when to be authentic is to not move forward in life. As the characters in the film grow older they begin to split apart and cracks start to form in their friendships as the real world starts to intrude on the adolescent existence.

A girl in the movie finally asks the main character why he is trying so hard to look a certain way. She says wouldn't it be more rebellious to just leave your hair alone and not spend all your time trying to find punky clothes to wear. She had realized that the whole scene was dying and had become basically one big Halloween party where everyone was beginning to look exactly the same. That is the problem with any group movement when people have to start wearing a uniform to be what they think is an individual.

That is the sad nature of the punk scene today. I see these kids roaming around the town looking exactly like the punks did when I was in highschool. Nothing has changed. The world hasn't been destroyed. The system of capitalism hasn't fallen apart. Corporate Amerika hasn't eaten itself (though it might in the future) . There is no scene, nothing is original anymore it is only a variant on what has gone before. It isn't about selling out or even buying in.

It is just about doing what you want to do and not being worried about whatever particular scene you want to fit into.


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