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Monday, September 05, 2011

More Music (CIV)

Well after a stretch of pretty mellow music we are taking a little trip down punk rock lane with a band called CIV and there album So Far, So Good...So What. I am not even sure when I purchased this album or even where I was at in terms of life that I was listening to this. Because most people know that I am not a big fan of punk rock. There is some of it that I do like to be sure. But really it is not my favorite type of music.

This album was released in 1995 and was the bands first album. The band name came from the last name of the lead singer Anthony Civarelli. They came out of New York City and their most well known song was "Cant Wait One Minute More" which I remember MTV playing a lot of and it being on an episode of Beavis and Butthead as well as in a Nissan commercial in 2005.

So lets start with "Can't Wait One Minute More" and dig a little deeper into the album after that.

As I watched that video and re-listened to the album I am starting to remember why I liked this album. There are some pretty cool songs on it and they remind me a little bit of how Social Distortion sounded during that era. They also remind me of Suicidal Tendencies.

This one is called "Set Your Goals". The song is only 1:50 I am not sure why the video is 3:21. But anyway. 1..2..3..4

This last one is called "Choices Made" and is pretty much the punk message.

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