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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More Music (Depeche Mode)

Sadly I only have one album from this band 1987's Music for the Masses. I think I used to have another but I seem to have misplaced it. Which actually vexes me a little bit. But me being vexed is a story for another day. It has been a long time since I last listened to this album but I still really enjoy it. I saw Depeche Mode in concert in Portland either for this albums tour or the next one and I remember really enjoying it. I also remember being underage and drinking beers in the parking lot of the Memorial Colosseum and lying to a policemen about my age. It was a great night. So lets listen to some music from the album shall we.

"Little 15"

"I Want You Now" A live version of this song.

okay that last one made me think of someone that I can't have. I am a little bit surprised by that. Let's keep it together Lance.


Another live one "Pleasure, little treasure"

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