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Monday, September 19, 2011

More Music (The Doors)

Another Monday and another installment of my music library. We are almost finished with the D's and today we are checking out The Doors. I like The Doors. I do not listen to them all of the time and that is mainly because in high school I wore out several tapes listening to them. But every now and then when I pull them back out I am reminded of why I enjoyed them so much. One thing that I really enjoyed about them was that they did not have a bass guitarist they used bass keyboards and I always thought that was pretty cool. If I am correct and I am not going to check so you can just deal with it. Their first album came out in 1967 and their last was in 1971. I am not counting any of the albums released after Jim Morrison died. Why would I? Without him the band wasn't the same. I am hoping I can show you some songs that were not on the radio much because those same songs are still being played on classic radio even now and that is just sad.

"The Alabama Song" is one of my real favorites.

"People Are Strange" is another song that I just really like. It did get some radio play.

"Spanish Caravan" is just a great, great song.

"Five To One" something about this one I just really like as well.

This one is off of their last album "L'America". I love it's strangeness.

See you tomorrow with the last group in the letter D in my collection. I wonder who it will be?
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