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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Oh Brother...

One of my favorite films of all times is the Cohen bro's "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou" there is just something about it that I find so uplifting and special. A large part of that is the amazing soundtrack and the soundtrack for this film is truly an amazing one. I find that often for me, a great soundtrack can made a poor film a far more enjoyable one for me. I am sure that it isn't the same for other people.  But for me the use of really good and effective music just transcends anything else in the film. If I had to pick my top three film and soundtrack experiences and believe me that the experiences go together, sure you can listen to a soundtrack without watching the film, but just try to watch a film without a soundtrack attached to it. I think you will not enjoy the experience at all. But anyway my top three in no particular order "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou", "Almost Famous", and "The Royal Tenenbaums."  They are all so good. It is no coincidence that the directors of these films also have other films that have amazing music in them as well. Though to be fair the Cohen bro's are not known for it as much as Camron Crowe is and Wes Anderson are.

 There are times that just hearing a certain song or even part of a song from these soundtracks will drive me to tears and I do not mean that in a bad way at all.  I love the effect that these songs have on me. I love that about film and music in general that the impact can last beyond the initial viewing experience, which maybe why I love books and film and music so much.

Now, this wouldn't be my blog if I didn't throw up some videos for your viewing and listening entertainment. So here we go.

From "Oh Brother, Art Thou"

Big Rock Candy Mountain

Down To The River To Pray

I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow

Oh Death

Music from "Almost Famous"

I've Seen All Good People

Every Picture Tells A Story

That's The Way

I'm Waiting For The Man

Songs from "The Royal Tenenbaums"  A lot of what makes this soundtrack so effective is the score by Mark Mothersbaugh, I think that he is amazingly talented.

These Days

Police and Thieves

Needle in the hay - This is a song that I will never be able to listen to the same way I again. But I love the song.

Thanks for reading and listening folks.

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