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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Fundamentals of Music

I am going to be bringing something a little new to the blog. I just received a nice large batch of music that my friend Steve felt like I would enjoy listening to and I am looking forward to sharing that with my readers. Now some of the music are bands that I have heard of and some are bands that I have only a little awareness of . There are also a couple that I have never heard of at all and the music tends to be of all kinds of genres so I am really looking forward to bringing my experience to you and I hope you are able to enjoy the experience. I just hope I am able to find music videos as well so that I can really share it with you.

This first artist is the great blues singer Billie Holiday. This is a name that I have heard before and probably heard bits and pieces of her music but I haven't ever sat down and actively given her an extended listen and I have to say, that while this is not the typical style of music that I listen too, I really do enjoy it.

I am probably not going to do a lot of biographical stuff with these artists. You can all use google for that. I am just going to be following my usual method of putting up a video of the song if possible and then detailing a little bit my feelings about the song as I was listening to it.

I've Got It Bad and that Ain't Good - Billie Holiday

I really wish that I knew more about who played in her band. Because along with the smoothness of her voice and the overall just mellow feelings that she brings to me I also really enjoy the piano in this number and I have in most everything that I have listened to so far. My music player is listing this as blues but the more that I listen to it the more I am impressed by the jazz like nature of it. The instruments especially. It is all just so nice.

I Loves You Porgy - Billie Holiday

This one is music composed by George Gershwin so that explains why they music is so good in it. I am having a hard time really giving this the explanation that I feel like it deserves. The music is so good and the whole package of what is going on with her vocals and the instruments weaving shapes and patterns together and really creating a picture of sound is hard for me to fully explain to you in words. I just have to say that I am enjoying it.

Keeps On Rainin' - Billie Holiday

 Such a good song. I honestly find that I do not have the words for this other then that to sit quietly and to listen to this is a very pleasant experience. There is no other way for me to put it, other then that.

Lover Man - Billie Holiday

This is a love song and a very poignant one. Another beautiful song. All I can say. folks, is do yourselves a favor and track down some of her music. I do not think you will regret it and I realize that I am not discovering something new. I am just discovering something that is new to me and I am very much enjoying the experience.

(This is part of my Discovering Music Series)  
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