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Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Madness of Mad Men

It is hard for me to put into words how much some television shows affect me. I have always been prone to emotional reactions to television and movies and music and rainbows and the wind blowing and rain and dogs and cats and really doing anything. But that is not what we are going to be talking about right now. We are going to be talking about how the television show Mad Men rips me open and leaves me broken and bleeding on the floor. It has at time left me giddy with laughter and left me speechless in astonishment or sick with dread and it has left me weeping. The season finale of last night did just that. The image of Don with his children looking at the derelict whorehouse that he grew up in left me a complete mess.

Both Sides Now - Judy Collins

Right now even listening to this song again is making me cry. This whole season and the last season of Mad Men has been heart and gut wrenching for me. I am sure that part of it is that I am seeing it through the lens of my own divorce as well as me being the same age as Don and that is affecting me as well. It seems silly I suppose and may even seem more silly if you are not a viewer of the show and are not identifying so heavily with the main character.

This is me...that is all I can really say without spoiling things. You can say what you want about this show. But I like it and the feelings that it causes me to feel is one of the reasons  why I think it is amazing. 
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