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Friday, June 21, 2013

Bonus Ben Folds....

I just posted about the amount of Reggae and Metal that I have been listening to and as soon as I did that and then spent some more time listening to Manowar I also realized that it truly doesn't matter what I have been listening to. I will always go back to Ben Folds or The Ben Folds Five and I will always go back to him because for so many reasons I just love his music. So much.

Annie Waits - Ben Fold live with WASO

There are some musicians that will do a show with an orchestra and it is absolutely horrible, Metallica comes to mind for one example but what Ben did with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra was simply amazing and so nice to listen to. I am not a trained musician but there are things that I can like and enjoy and this is one that I enjoy so much.

Stumblin' Home Winter Blues - Ben Folds Five

This is another one that I just love. It sticks with me.

Rockin' the Suburbs - Ben Folds

I like this one because it makes fun of so many things and yet still manages to rock your socks off. That and also I think Limp Bizkit and Fred Durst were totally horrible and I think that Ben agrees with me.

Fred Jones, Part 2 - Ben Folds with WASO

This one is so poignant and almost heart breaking in its simple beauty. I love the piano in it. It has brought me to tears a time or two and I am not ashamed that at all.

Evaporated - Ben Folds with WASO

So beautiful.

Still Fighting It (Extended Version) - Ben Folds

This song is one that touches me, even though I do not have a child nor do I want one. But I can totally understand what he is singing about and what my friends who have children are dealing with to some degree.

The Luckiest - Ben Fold with WASO

This is the sappiest and cloying of love songs. But there something about it that totally touches me. I think it is a great song and I do not care what anyone else thinks about that.

Mess - Ben Folds Live in London

This is just a great song and one that I truly enjoy listening to again and again.

That is all for today folks. Please have an excellent Friday and an amazing weekend. Blessings, may they be upon you.

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