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Friday, August 05, 2011

More Music (The Beatles) Friday

Well I knew that it would come to this at some point. This is a band that I have one album of and it isn't even a real album it is just a greatest hits compilation. I think it is actually all of their number 1 songs. I know this will probably be a stance that most of you disagree with but I just do not care for the Beatles. I know lots of people really like them but I am not a fan. I really believe that both The Who and Led Zepplin are better bands from that era and yes the Beatles sold tons and tons of music but record sales do not really matter to me. I like lots of things regardless of their popularity with the unwashed masses. *sniff*

Hipster cat says "I'm with you Lance"!!

Thanks Hipster Cat.

So the album is called 1 and it is by the Beatles so here are a few songs.

"Penny Lane" is one of their songs.

This is another song it is called "Paperback Writer"

This one isn't on the album 1 but it is probably the only Beatles song I like "Helter Skelter"

There you go and please when you are flaming me for this. Be kind. :)
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