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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More Music (Big & Rich)

So, there was a time in America in the mid 2000s when a relative new type of country music rose to prominence and for some reason. I am honestly not sure why. I found myself purchasing and enjoying this music. Big & Rich was one of these bands. The funny thing is that while I haven't listened to the album in question HORSE OF A DIFFERENT COLOR in years as I fired it up on the old pc I found myself actually enjoying it.

It isn't that it is bad but it is not the type of country music that I usually listen to. My tastes tend to run more towards the early country of the almighty Johnny Cash and more of the early older bluegrass style of country. SO I honestly am not sure what drew me to this. I can say for sure that it is fun and that is not a bad thing. Sometimes that is the purpose of music. It can just be fun. It doesn't have to mean anything deeper then just that. I do not always feel that way but there are times when I just want to listen to something and not be emotionally moved. I just want to bob my head and tap my feet and maybe sing along. That is what Big & Rich do for me. Since the release of HORSE OF A DIFFERENT COLOR in 2004 they have only released two other albums 2005 was COMIN' TO YOUR CITY
and in 2007 we saw BETWEEN RAISING HELL AND AMAZING GRACE. Both of these later albums did not meet with much critical or commercial success. But both Big Kenny and John Rich are still out there playing music and I believe that they have a pretty loyal core fan base. I am just basically out of touch with that part of the musical world. But I do enjoy the songs off off this album.

"ROLLIN-(The Ballad of Big and Rich)" what makes this song fun for me is that it incorporates so many different types of music. The most noticeable being country, rock and rap. I hope you enjoy it.

This song is kind of a throw back to some of the earlier country songs. "Holy Water" is a pretty interesting song about regret and pain and how faith can bring you some level of comfort. I like it and I don't find it preachy. (This video is horrible though)

I think after the downer of a last song we will finish this up with the big hit off of this album and most people are probably going to have heard this at least once or twice and that is "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy". It hit the charts hard in 2004 and was all over country radio. It seems that I am unable to embed the official video of the song which upsets me. It upsets me because the video has a marching band and cheerleaders and a midget cowboy and hot ladies in business suits. As Cake put it so well "short skirt and a long jacket".

There you go folks, now get out there and get your country on.

Hipster Kat says: "Why are you even letting people know you enjoy this, this, tripe"?

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