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Thursday, August 11, 2011

More Music (Bill Monroe)

Quick and dirty today. The artist is Bill Monroe and he is the father of Bluegrass and he is also one of the few members of the Country Music Hall of Fame, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. As well as the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame.

The only other artists inducted into all three of those are Jimmie Rodgers, Bob Wills, Hank Williams Sr, and Johnny Cash. So he is amongst some pretty good company.

Onto the music. I would break this down a little more in depth but I have 82 of his songs in my library totaling 3.9 hours of music. So this is what you are getting.

A lot of what I like about his work is that it often was just unabashedly religious. It was part of who he was and it came out in the music he played. This was before modern radio came along and decided that everything had to fit into a category. Modern radio gets a big lose in my book. What is saving modern music is the MP3 and the ability for people all over the world to use the internet to find any kind of music that they want to.

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