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Monday, August 29, 2011

More Music ( The Brian Setzer Orchestra)

Most people who know me in real life are well aware of my love of reggae and ska and epic heavy metal. But I also have a soft spot in my musical heart for swing music. It is so danceable and really just fun. It is just plain fun music.

This album by Brian Setzer formally of The Stray Cats is just a well made, well played, super fun good time, shake it baby, shake it album. The Dirty Boogie is one of the best of the modern swing albums and I believe really helped to generate the swing resurgence that we experienced in the 1990's. That was a fun time and I really enjoyed going to different swing clubs in the Portland area and dancing.

Lets get to the music so you folks can do some dancing as well.

This is a live performance of the title track from this album. "The Dirty Boogie"

"Switchblade 327" live at Woodstock in 1999. One thing that I really like about this style of music is that often the band members are really talented musicians.

That is all you are getting because frankly I am more interested in listening to the Decemberists collection that I have finally filled out.
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