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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More Music (The Black Keys)

This band...I just am unable to recommend highly enough. The Black Keys. They are an American band and are really a blues based rock and roll duo. The singers named Dan Auerbach and the drummer is Patrick Carney and their first album came out in 2001 in total right now they have 6 studio releases and several Extended Plays (EP) and a couple of live albums as well. There is a seventh album in the works but that has not been released yet.

In the spirit of true honesty. I must admit that while I have all their albums I came a little late to the party and it pains me to admit that I have not been following them since their inception. That only really pains me because it makes the hipster inside me sad. I am surprised that I didn't discover them earlier because I love this kind of music. It is because I love this kind of music I am going to try to find a something from every album so hold onto your hats folks today is going to be a long post.

The comes off their first album The Big Come up (2002) some of these are covers and this album was recorded in one of their basements on a 8 track tape recorder that was from the early eighties . But it still sounds awesome, This song is called "I'll Be Your Man"

The second album had some reals gems. But my favorite is a cover of the classic 1959 song by Richard Berry called "Have Love, Will Travel". This song has been covered by lots of artists but I prefer the Black Keys version the best.

Their third album called Rubber Factory is another solid outing. This song "Act Nice and Be Gentle" sounds like it could a lost Zepplin song at the beginning but it is actually a cover of a Kinks song.

This song off of their fourth album Dig is one that I also like muchly. The video is kind of fun as well. The song is called "Your Touch.

Their fifth album is called Chulahoma and really you might be better off calling this an EP. It has 7 tracks on it and the 7th is a hidden one. This is a tribute album and is a collection of covers of bluesman Junior Kimbrough. But much like the first four I find it very listenable when I am in the mood for this kind of kick ass rock and roll. Though in the interest of brevity I am going to jump past this one to the final two albums that I have.

In 2008 we saw the Black Keys signing with a new label and releasing Attack and Release. I think my favorite of off this album is "I Got Mine" which was listed as number 23 on Rolling Stone's list of the 100 best songs of 2008. But there are quite a few good songs on this album and I am torn between playing you that one or digging a little deeper into the album. hmmmm ahhh screw it. Here is the last song on the album "Things Ain't Like They Used to Be"

The Black Key's latest album "Brothers" came out in 2010 and you can really here a change in their sound. It is still the same duo and you can tell that they really work well together. I like this album a lot. I know that isn't a big surprise but I really do like all of their music. I think some songs may be weaker then others but overall everything is very listenable to me. There are 15 songs on this album and I can think of three off of the top of my head that I feel are post worthy and I am sure that there will be more as I keep listening. I am going to go with "Howlin' for You" I really like this number.

As I listened to the Black Keys today while I was putting together this post. I realized that this is an interesting band. I think that there are times where their music all kind of sounds the same. But at least as far as I am concerned the sound is so good that it doesn't matter to me and when they really catch a good one that particular song is amazing. I am really looking forward to their next album.
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