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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More Music (Bon Iver)

I really am unable to say enough about this band. I feel like the first album For Emma, Forever Ago was just an amazing solo work by Justin Vernon. But when it came time to tour he realized that he needed more voices for the vocal harmonies he brought in some other artists Michael Noyce, Sean Carey and Mathew McCaughan. For Emma was released independently in July of 2007 and is just amazing and the second titled simply Bon Iver is amazing as well.

The biggest difference between the two albums is that the second one was recorded with a full band as opposed to the first where Justin did all of the work and then joined them together via studio magic. Both are incredible and you should really do yourself a favor and track them down and give them a listen. To be sure, there is a certain melancholy sadness to his voice and his lyrics but it is so much more them music for the depressive inside all of us.

This is the first song off of For Emma it is called "Flume". It is really a lovely song.

This next song is also off of the first album the sixth track called "Creature Fear"

This is off of the latest album and it called "Holoscene". It is just a beautiful song.

This one is called "Blood Bank". It is from an EP of the same name. Enjoy it.

There you go folks.
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