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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

More Music (Wednesday) The Avett Brothers

Well we have reached the end of the bands whose name starts with the letter A in my collection and we are closing it out with another group of brothers but these guys are a little different then the previously highlighted Allman brothers.

This set of brothers are from the south as well from North Carolina to be exact but they play a different style of music. They are the brothers Avett, Scott and Seth Avett otherwise known as The Avett Brothers . Now I discovered them from their first major label release, which is out now, titled "I And Love And You" but after listening to that album I had to track the rest of the earlier discography. As anyone knows who has read this blog in the past can tell you I love bluegrass and that is what drew to me the Avett Brothers in the first place. But after listening to their other albums I realize that what they are doing is beyond simple blue grass. I hope you enjoy it and can use this as impetus to track down some more of their earlier offerings.

This first song is off of their first EP which came out in 2001 simply titled The Avett Brothers. This one is called "My Lady and the Mountain"

I think I am going to be doing some album hop scotching from here on out. This song is from A Carolina Jubilee and is called "Me And God". I am not going to get real preachy here or anything like that. But, this song ties in a fair amount with how I feel about God and Church and life.

This next one is from another EP called The Second Gleaming and I think in a lot of ways it is far better then their latest release. The songs just are so strong and I sometimes find myself just waking up in the morning with one of these humming along in my brain. This one is called "Murder in the City"

The truth is that I could post three songs off of this EP and the second one I am going to post is one that I have posted here before but I do not care. It is good and you should like it too. "Tear Down The House"

The third one is called "Black, Blue" and the pain that is evident in it is sometimes heartbreaking to me. But I think that with the pain as I listen to it comes some kind of cleansing as well. This is a live version and is in Germany and Seth is singing I believe.

I suppose I should post one from their latest album so here you go. "Head Full Of Doubt/Road Full Of Promise". While more polished then the earlier stuff it is still pretty amazing.

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