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Monday, August 01, 2011

More Music Monday

I knew that this day would come. The day that I hit a band on the tour of my collection that I was not really in the mood to listen to. Now it isn't that I dislike this band and I really do enjoy this album but I was just not in the mood for it at all. While they never got as big as Megadeath or Metallica they had there own fan base and some of their songs were inspired by some pretty different and cool things. This band is Anthrax. The band has put out 9 studio albums since they formed in 1981 and I have just one. It is called "Among The Living" and when I am in the mood for a little thrash metal it is one of my favorite albums. I think we will open with the title track which was inspired by the Stephen King book called "The Stand"


There are 9 songs on this album and the whole thing clocks in at a quick 50 minutes. The amazing thing about most of the thrash metal bands of the late eighties what the sheer speed in which they played and Anthrax was faster then most. I will highlight that more later as we get further into my collection.

This next song is about one of my favorite comic book characters "Judge Dredd" forget about the Sylvester Stallone movie we just act like it never existed.

"I Am The Law"

This kind of metal was really a push back against some of the mid eighties metal. They were reacting against band like Poison, and Winger and White Lion and the era of the power ballad. It was pretty stripped down and raw and played as fast and as hard as possible. When you are in the mood to break something and stomp around and above all things "BANG YOUR HEAD" this is the music for you.

"One World" is an interesting song. While it is one of the best of the thrash metal songs it is also a call for non violence. Which I like but I also like the way that this song just roars.

Now I realize that this not music for everyone but such is the nature of my collection. It ranges all over the musical spectrum and I like to think that means I have pretty good taste in music. Or it could mean that I have no taste at all. I am not sure yet.


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