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Monday, August 08, 2011

More Music (Bela Fleck)

Today is an artist who is really known for his banjo playing but he also had crossed some genres in terms of the different artists he has played with over the years. Now I realize that bluegrass isn't for everybody but I urge you to give this a listen. These are all instrumental pieces but they really have a nice sound to them.

I find that there are times when words just get in the way of really enjoying the music. The artist is Bela Fleck and the album is called PLACES it was released in 1988 and is a compilation of selections from 4 earlier solo albums DEVIATION, SNAKES ALIVE, DOUBLE TIME and INROADS. Bela is going to pop up in further into my music library as I get to some of the bluegrass groups most notably New Grass Revival (NGR) with whom he played for 9 years.

I am having a hard time finding some videos from this album but I will see if I can find some other banjo stuff from Bela Fleck just so you can see and hear how good he is.

That last one was a good example of just how skilled he is.

Dueling Banjos vs a Mac. Interesting. I like it.

There you go. Have a good day folks
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