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Friday, August 19, 2011

More Music (Blink 182)

So onward down the list we go. We are going to take a break from our regularly scheduled metal and visit the world of pop punk. It is not a world that I am musically a super big fan of. Though at one time I really did like this band. That was up until I saw them in concert and I realized that other then the drummer, who is amazing by the way, they just can't play. There were so many thing onstage to distract from how bad they were live that it really was a disappointing concert and believe me. I have been to some disappointing concerts.

I have three of their albums, Dude Ranch from 1997, Enema of the State, from 1999, and Take off Your Pants and Jacket from 2001. You can tell from the titles of the last two albums that their sense of humor leans toward the infantile. Which is fine. I think that there is a time and a place for that but if that is the only sense of humor you ever show then you really do need to grow up just a little bit.

Since I have three of their albums and right now I just do now care for Blink you are going to get one song from each album. Wait change of plans. I will play one song from the album and then one song live and you will see just how bad they are live. In my opinion.

So here we go. The first song is "Dammit" from Dude Ranch. There is a different drummer on this album. I do not know. Nor do I care what happened to him.

Here is the live version. There is a swear in this one. The F_ _ _ word.

This next song is from Enema of the State and is "All The Small Things" which reached number 6 on the Billboard hot 100 and was their highest charting song ever. I will grant you that the video does a good job of spoofing MTV and boy bands. But it just shows that they are a studio band not a real band.

Here is the live version at the MTV awards take a look at all the distractions from the actual music.

Okay here is my last album Take Off Your Pants and Jacket. This is one of the few albums in my collection I regret buying. Though I actually like "Stay Together For The Kids" it is a pretty good song about how much divorce destroys a family and hurts the kids.

Here is the live version from the 2010 Reading Festival so 9 years after the song was first released. ugh so bad

That was so bad. Now let me see if I can find you an example of how good of a drummer Travis Barker is and how hiring him was the best choice the band ever made. Here he is just warming up and practicing. If you appreciate the drums you will appreciate this.

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